Vermona Vintage Gear (GDR)

Vermona, a former company from Klingenthal in Vogtland, produced a range of electronic musical instruments in the GDR. The most famous include: Electronic organs: The ionika, the ET 6-1 and the ET 7-1 were the first electronic organs manufactured in the GDR. They were equipped with different sounds and effects and were a popular instrument for many musicians in the GDR.

Synthesizers: Vermona also produced a number of synthesizers, including the ET 1, the ET 3 and the ET 5. These synthesizers featured various sound generators and effects and were known for their innovative sounds.

Drum machine: Vermona also produced a drum machine, the ER 9. This drum machine was equipped with a range of sounds and effects and was used by many musicians in the GDR and abroad. Here is an overview of the most important ancient electronic musical instruments from Vermona:

Electronic organs ionika (1959): The first electronic organ manufactured in the GDR. It had 12 registers and 49 keys.

ET 6-1 (1961): An improved version of the ionika with 24 registers and 61 keys.

ET 7-1 (1965): Another improved version of the

ET 6-1 with 32 registers and 72 keys. synthesizer

ET 1 (1965): A monophonic synthesizer with a VCO and a VCF.

ET 3 (1967): A polyphonic synthesizer with three VCOs and three VCFs.

ET 5 (1972): A polyphonic synthesizer with five VCOs and five VCFs.

Drum machine ER 9 (1975): A monophonic drum machine with a range of sounds and effects.

Vermona instruments were popular in the GDR and abroad. They were known for their innovative sounds and robustness. After the fall of the Wall, Vermona was privatized and now produces electronic musical instruments again.

List of instruments and effects:


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