review OST "Journey to Dölagalöd" (2022)

20.02.2023 - Admin

"The journey to superplanet Dölagalöd" is one of the most important space missions. The spacecraft moves extrem fast with a special technique. From Dölagalöd works a tractor-ray and brings the spacecraft in mutli-lightspeed. 

The purely technical and remote-controlled mission was completely recorded. The individual stages of the journey were time-compressed and processed in relation to time and accompanying music was created with the result of an entire album. The pieces of music reflect the character of the individual stages.

The mission is one of the most important projects in the entire cosmos. After long and intensive preparation and the construction of the spaceship, the difficult and long journey could begin. Everyone involved did their best to make the mission a complete success.


The album "Journey to Dölagalöd" is truly a special production. The album includes the space documentary of the same name, which is about the journey to a superplanet. A funny and satirical comic production with a good concept and beautiful electronic music.

The overall concept is based on the number "NINE". Nine appears again and again as a digit or cross sum. What is alluded to here is the higher significance of nine as the highest number and the cross sum of 432.

The album contains nine tracks that have exact times. So the first track is one minute long and the last track is 9 minutes long. In total this results in 45 minutes whose cross sum is nine again. Regarding the musical aspect, you really have to say that it is a soundtrack to the documentary, but it also works on its own.

There is tension and an almost melancholic ending. The sound is very 70s-oriented. It sounds warm, big and round. Overall, the team did a successful job and showed that even today, in times of sensory overload, it is still possible to implement outstanding concepts, far away from the mainstream and with artistic value.

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