review - "Vintage Vermona EP" by positron (2021)

20.11.2021 - Admin

The German indie pop duo positron has released an EP. There are no new songs but well-known hits from the band in a special instrumentation. Here you have to admit to the band that this is a very rare idea to re-record or remix songs.

In the studio where positron also records, numerous electronic musical instruments from the GDR brand Vermona were put together. The idea was: “This is what the electronic music of the GDR sounded like.” During a studio session around 2020, the idea arose to re-record some of positron's songs using only old Vermona instruments.

The EP deserves an award for this idea alone, as things like this are rare to find. Overall, the four songs really sound typical of Vermona. As if the tracks were recorded somewhere in Saxony at the end of the 1970s.

Who is the band positron?

Positron is an indie pop duo that was founded near Leipzig in 2005. There is no doubt that the duo is an ideal team when it comes to beats and sounds and their unmistakable strong voice. The songs that are created together and separately are real pop songs that could easily be performed with guitar and cajon. So you have to classify positron differently than electropop that plays in student clubs. At positron there are danceable pieces but also ballads. An advantage for the band was having their own studio. This made it possible to work quite independently and flexibly. Rooms were only rented for live rehearsals. What is noticeable about positron is the lack of a drawer. Many bands of this type have role models and sound like them and sometimes copy the style. You don't find that with positron. This is probably because the respective preferences don't really fit together and so something independent had to come out.



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